Road to Celebration – vlog edition

For the past few weeks I have been preparing for (and panicking about) Star Wars Celebration. While it’s not the first Celebration I will be going to – I did go to London last year – it is definitely my first big US convention and a Transatlantic trip is a little more complicated than just a two-hour journey to the UK.

You can watch me flail about the journey and the preparations for it over on YouTube, and I will be chronicling the whole trip both on the channel and across social media, if you want to follow along the trip.

Also, if you are going to Celebration, please find me and say hi.


In which I overthink cosplay:


Some lessons I’ve learned in London and some tips I gathered from others:


Before Celebration, I’m visiting Disney World for the first time ever:

Rogue One, standing by

Rogue Friday came and went and I am equally enthused and frustrated, which is the regular occurence for a Polish fangirl, apparently. (Or indeed probably most non-US based fans.)

Because as much as I love the merch, and I did indeed splurge on all the funkos and most of the Elite series, a lot of fashion items are sadly, once again, not available internationally unless you resort to tactics like shipping companies or buy-for-me services.

The biggest disappointment is the Her Universe line, exclusive to Disney Parks. Some of the items are available through the Disney Parks shopping up or in the US Disney store, but not shipped internationally, so no luck there. It’s particularly disappointing considering that Her Universe is based on the idea of geek inclusivity, bringing geek clothing to those who have long been deprived of options – the company spearheaded the geek fashion movement a couple years back.

But not this time, unless you live in the country with a Disney Park and can afford the trip. I hold on to hope that the Death Star dress and other items might still be available when I’m in Orlando in April next year for the Celebration, but this might not be the case. And is also beside the point…


Her Universe is also one of the very few companies that cater to women only, which makes the disappointment at the exlusivity even more acute. In companies like WeLoveFine or Fifth Sun, men’s designs vastly outnumber the women’s items. To be honest, I’m greatly curious about the actual sales reason behind it, as I see women online getting excited about every single shirt or dress design, retweeting madly… I get that the so-called unisex shirts probably sell well, since women buy them as well (so do I, though I usually upcycle them later to make the form better fitting), but seriously? The difference in numbers of men’s and women’s items is astounding.

On the brighter side, one of my favourite women’s lines for Rogue One are the Bioworld bags and accessories, featuring backpacks, dome bags, crossbody bags, purses, wallets and furry pom-poms. I have actually blindly ordered a number of items before the images were even revealed and I am so happy with my choices. The dome bag is my personal favourite, but I am generally in love with all of them, especially with the new rebellion color scheme: gone is the X-wing pilot orange (as much as I liked it, it was a bit loud for everyday wear), instead we get grays and navys and dark greens, all with the well known rebel logo. I love everything about them (and the tv and movie store ships internationally thank gods).


The hero of my Rogue Friday turned out to be the EMP store. (link to the Polish site, but there’s a version for most European countries). They offer a wide range of Rogue One apparel, still skewed towards men’s items, but with enough of women’s clothing to satisfy me. While most shirts follow the simplest of designs and sadly won’t match HerUniverse for cuteness, some of the items, like the Deathtrooper shirt, are ace. I’m not usually one for the Imperial side, but I gave in and got one, it’s too great.



All in all, the Rogue One shopping was a bit of a letdown. It was to be expected there’d be less merchandise available than for TFA Force Friday, but the international availability of items is laughable. I understand that a lot of it has to do with the licenses given, but I don’t get the reasoning for it – it’s not like there’s competition locally who possess the licenses for the franchise? So, what gives.

Scavenger chic

Let’s face it: I am absolutely obsessed with Rey, and I know I’m not the only one.

The new Star Wars heroine is everything I wanted as a child and still everything I want as an adult Star Wars fan – resourceful, strong, whip-smart, and in possession of an absolutely iconic outfit.

I am assembling a proper Rey cosplay (and currently crying over this gorgeous Anovos Rey Costume replica), but I also love to add a bit of Jakku chic to my everyday.


This is my ongoing disneybound Rey project – coming along nicely!

Starting with the absolutely gorgeous Elhoffer Design Galactic Scavenger dress. I am addicted to her designs, but this one is in my definite top three: it’s super comfortable, made of plushy, soft fabric, and with a structured skirt WITH POCKETS. (My entire s6 plus iphone went in there no problem, these pockets are a godsend.) It’s reminiscent of Rey’s final scenes Resistance outfit, and possibly could fit a lightsaber in its pocket (haven’t tried with an actual lightsaber).

Of course, you can also get the handy Loungefly backpack to carry all your weaponry and other everyday items. It’s not quite the cosplay replica, as it has a number of additional patches, but it’s sleek and can pack quite a bit. Unfortunately, the roll pocket is not removable even though it might look like it should be. Available from or, if you’re set on the exclusive SDCC release (with a headband, a pin, and possibly a small lightsaber flashlight), from certain ebay resellers.

While you’re at thinkgeek, you can also pick up the cuff – once again, it’s not a cosplay replica, but rather an inspired-by everyday wearable, with a Rebellion/Resistance patch and four small charms, including a Rey portrait and a little BB-8 (everything is better with a BB-8).


My finishing touch for the outfit are the Po-Zu Piper V Dark Brown boots: the very boots used by the costumers for Rey’s outfit in The Force Awakens. I did buy them for cosplay, but they’re definitely an everyday wear kind of boots – very comfortable and durable, perfect for the fall.


That’s my first take on Rey’s outfit – what are yours?