The bags you’re looking for

The one question I have been asked again and again at this year’s Star Wars Celebration Europe was: ‘where did you get your bag’ – for all three days I’ve been sporting the BB-8 Loungefly Dome Bag – as a part of my disneybouding Poe ensemble on Saturday, and as an awesome accessory for all the other days.


Loungefly has been making bags for a while, and there’s a lot to choose from. The dome bag can be accompanied by a wallet and a coin bag, all styled like The Force Awakens’ everyone’s favourite droid.

The lining is done in a Star Wars marked fabric, and the dome bag has one zipped pocket inside. My main quibble is with the wallet: while it wille easily fit US currency, not all world’s bills can fit – wider notes might have some trouble.


There is quite a bit to choose from in the Star Wars line: one of my favourite things are the bags and purses made out of the vintage styled fabric – I picked up two coins/cosmetics purses a while back, though I am actually wary of carrying cosmetics in them as much as I’d like to – I worry something would spill and destroy them and they’re too pretty.


My main problem with the BB-8 dome bag is that it’s quite small – I have been using it to carry my camera around (it’s sturdy and protects the camera well), or as a showstopper accessory when I go out – but it won’t fit most of the things I carry around daily, like my laptop and tablet and kindle and… well, you get it. Fortunately, there’s a number of other styles to choose from, not to mention my newest fave, the Rey backpack:


While it may not fit my laptop, it definitely has room for tablet, a bottle of water in the lower compartment, and a number of other things, including a small side pocket perfect for a compact umbrella or a small bottle.

I still keep adding things to my Loungefly wishlist too, including the newest R2 tote and the floral logo crossbody bag – this could possibly even usurp my bag of holding as my first choice of a bag!

If you’re a Disney fan, Loungefly will definitely satisfy some cravings, check out this line-up! But I’m not even close to making my way through their Star Wars line, and that’s gonna take a while…


Scavenger chic

Let’s face it: I am absolutely obsessed with Rey, and I know I’m not the only one.

The new Star Wars heroine is everything I wanted as a child and still everything I want as an adult Star Wars fan – resourceful, strong, whip-smart, and in possession of an absolutely iconic outfit.

I am assembling a proper Rey cosplay (and currently crying over this gorgeous Anovos Rey Costume replica), but I also love to add a bit of Jakku chic to my everyday.


This is my ongoing disneybound Rey project – coming along nicely!

Starting with the absolutely gorgeous Elhoffer Design Galactic Scavenger dress. I am addicted to her designs, but this one is in my definite top three: it’s super comfortable, made of plushy, soft fabric, and with a structured skirt WITH POCKETS. (My entire s6 plus iphone went in there no problem, these pockets are a godsend.) It’s reminiscent of Rey’s final scenes Resistance outfit, and possibly could fit a lightsaber in its pocket (haven’t tried with an actual lightsaber).

Of course, you can also get the handy Loungefly backpack to carry all your weaponry and other everyday items. It’s not quite the cosplay replica, as it has a number of additional patches, but it’s sleek and can pack quite a bit. Unfortunately, the roll pocket is not removable even though it might look like it should be. Available from or, if you’re set on the exclusive SDCC release (with a headband, a pin, and possibly a small lightsaber flashlight), from certain ebay resellers.

While you’re at thinkgeek, you can also pick up the cuff – once again, it’s not a cosplay replica, but rather an inspired-by everyday wearable, with a Rebellion/Resistance patch and four small charms, including a Rey portrait and a little BB-8 (everything is better with a BB-8).


My finishing touch for the outfit are the Po-Zu Piper V Dark Brown boots: the very boots used by the costumers for Rey’s outfit in The Force Awakens. I did buy them for cosplay, but they’re definitely an everyday wear kind of boots – very comfortable and durable, perfect for the fall.


That’s my first take on Rey’s outfit – what are yours?

Get in, Loser, we’re going to Jakku

Hi! My name is Joanna and I have been a Star Wars obsessive and all-around geek for all my life, and for years I have despaired of finding decent geeky clothes.

In the recent years we’ve definitely seen the rise of cute, fashion-forward geeky clothes and jewellery, a definite improvement on the classic fandom t-shirts (not that I don’t love a good t-shirt).

Hoth Couture is a blog devoted to everyday cosplay and geek fashion, with a decidedly Star Wars-y bend, but open to all fandoms.

The goal of the site is to chronicle my ever-expanding fandom wardrobe and to share the news of cool, geeky items of ‘wearable’ cosplay – think of changing your smart casual into more of a Darth Casual!