A year in the life

Summarizing 2016 is more or less a string of four-letter words at this point, but one of the positive aspects of this year, for me, was discovering and enjoying geeky fashion.

Part of it, for me, was gaining access, through travel and increased resources, to what is out there. Part of it was the veritable explosion in the recent times of well made, cute, and mostly affordable geeky fashion for women and girls.

Just a couple years ago geek apparel were “unisex” shirts, which let’s face it, meant men’s shirts, and a handful of things on etsy. Her Universe was a first breakthrough in that regard, but still not at all helpful to those outside of the US – shipping was unavailable or horrendously priced when done through shipping companies.

(Shipping and geographical licenses are still a pain in the ass and I’m yearning for some of the stuff from the Disney Store, alas, there’s an improvement.)

Personally, the three geeky fashion milestones for me were: the premiere of The Force Awakens (for the first time in a really long while I really wanted to cosplay), the New York trip (with my first visit to a thinkgeek retail store and a haul of jewellery, including the Love and Madness crawl bracelet I fell in love with so hard), and Star Wars Celebration Europe.

After that, there was no return, pretty much.

So, here are my highlights of the year, in no particular order, illustrated by this year’s instagram memories.


  1. Discovering Cosplay and DIY, first inspired by Rey, and then including various small projects. Definitely something I need to continue in 2017.




2. Elhoffer Design – I have already written about my obsession with Catherine’s designs, but it’s worth repeating, even though I think everyone with interest in geeky fashion is already well aware. Every time I get the blue package in the mail it’s a cause for celebration. It started with the dresses, including her Galactic collection, and continued with super fashionable and cute cardigans, and comfy sweaters. I saw some of the things he has planned for 2017 and I am seriously considering just telling my work to send her the majority of my paycheck, because holy hell.



3. Jordandene – comfortable, geeky, and understated unless people are in the know, these tops are some of my fave items purchased this year, and I have my eye on a couple more in the upcoming days. Seriously, so cute and so comfy.



4. Bags, omg. My approach to bags used to be: find a comfortable large one that fits my laptop and all the tons of electronics I haul every day, couple of books, and everyday necessities, and then carry it around until it wears out or something in it breaks. Thanks to geeky fashion purses from Loungefly and Bioworld, not to mention a collection of Bags of Holding from thinkgeek, now I actually match the bag to the outfit.

I know, groundbreaking!

(by the way, PLEASE start shipping internationally, Loungefly)


5. Speaking of my constant struggle for shipping internationally: EMP. If you’re in Europe and bemoan shipping costs daily, check them out. They carry a lot of stuff, including Hot Topic merch and recently some Musterbrand items, and the shipping doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Also, the customer service department (the Polish side, at least), has been nothing short of a dream to deal with, 11/10 recommend those guys.


6. Jewellery, with special mention to The Love and Madness, who not only contributed to starting me off on this spiral, but also produced one of my all time favourite items ever, the opening crawl wrap bracelet. I own it in gold and steel now, and can’t wait for the ESB edition.



7. I’ve mentioned Musterbrand before, and they’re one of my definite faves this year: perfect for everyday wear, really stylish, well made, undeniably geeky, and moreover: Europe based, with really affordable shipping.



8. Irregular Choice shoes – another one of the brands probably everyone knows by now, but which was a revelation to me, with truly unique shoes. I pine after the Disney shoes, but the Star Wars ones were a simple must have, I even went hunting on e-bay for the now sold out Han&Leia flats, they’re probably in the top ten of things I’ve ever owned.



9. Figuring out my selfie angle 😉 – A really fortunate side effect of documenting my outfits, I have figured out how to hold my phone while taking photos, at long last.


(featuring Elhoffer design’s Dark Galactic Scavenger dress and Her Universe Christmas Ahsoka pin, light of my life.)


10. Last, but definitely not least, the community on instagram, twitter, and everywhere around the web of extremely creative, amazing women, who share their love for geeky fashion and fandoms. I will inevitably forget someone amazing, but apart from the amazing women behind the brands mentioned before, shoutouts to Galactic Fashion podcast, The Kessel Runway, Fashionably Nerdy, The Dorky Diva, Courtoon, Creatively Lori, Anakin and His Angel, and The Stylish Geek. You all leave me in awe.



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