It suits you

Star Wars has always been a treasure trove of iconic outfits, and coming out of The Force Awakens I was pretty sure the Poe/Finn/Rey travelling sisterhood jacket was going to be an instant classic. I also knew I wanted one.

Since I have no breaks and I *really* like the jacket, I now have three.


The first one is a replica jacket from – it’s only in men’s sizes, and I ordered an M purposefully, so it’d be a bit bigger and I could wear it as a part of my Rey costume, for those couple of minutes she wore the jacket.


It’s a little lighter than it looks in the website photo, and a bit heavy and stiff, but definitely looks like a real deal and is made in high quality.

Soon after, Her Universe and Hot Topic made their everyday inspired-by version, similar to a lot of other pieces they make: not a cosplay or replica in any way, but more of an everyday cosplay thing.


I love this piece so much – I wore it for months everywhere, until it got way too cold for it (and maybe a little bit after that too). The red pieces and the sleeves are the most indentifying marks, but there is a clear connection to SW added by the giant red rebel logo on the back. I keep going back and forth on the logo, on one hand I love the logo and everything rebellion, but on the other hand this makes it into more of a our-world-merch than inside-universe clothing, if you know what I mean.


That said, it’s quite probably one of my absolute top items of clothing I own and I definitely recommend it 300%.


And then there’s the Welovefine jacket, a replica that you can definitely wear everyday. So far it’s offered in men’s sizes only, but when did that ever stop me.


I got a size S and it fits perfectly. This one combines the best of the other two: it’s more of a screen replica, but also is comfortable and I definitely would wear it as an everyday item and not just a cosplay thing. it also has large, comfortable pockets capable of fitting my phone. With this one I think I came close enough to the original jacket, but all of these have their purpose and I love all of them.


(Photose from Fjackets, Hot Topic, and Welovefine, cover photo by Karina Graj)



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