Dress to impress

A friend asked my recently, after perusing my instagram, if my wardrobe is now composed of only Star Wars items. The estimate is fair if not quite accurate: within the items I own, it’d be like 40%, items I wear on a daily basis, probably closer to 80%.


But my absolute favourite pieces right now all come from Elhoffer Design – where Catherine Elhoffer designs masterpieces of geek fashion inspired by a variety of fandoms and characters. You can find some of her pieces on Etsy, including all three Star Wars dresses, or on Instagram, where she posts about her custom designs you can and should drool over.

The dresses run a bit high end and a cost of a custom made piece might be challenging (worth it), especially when including shipping and customs (damn customs) if you’re not in the US. But the incentive for the timing of this text is that Catherine just put her Hogwarts sweaters in the etsy store for pre-order, and they’re not only affordable but also the absolute cutest. Look at this damn little badger:


(I am a Ravenclaw through and through but look how cute this Puff is! Look at it!)

There’s a number of great things about the dresses – apart from how cute they are.

First, most of them are everyday wearables, while at the same time clearly evoking the fandom of choice for those in the know. I might not be able to wear my Hamilton coat dress everyday to work (idk, I might yet try, because damn), but nobody blinks twice at the Rey dress except to compliment it.


Second, high quality, incredibly comfortable materials. I’ve spent a hectic day at Star Wars Celebration Europe wearing the X-wing pilot dress, queueing the entire day, running around to get to panels on time, carrying a shitload of stuff, half sleeping on a concrete floor – nothing out of place, perfectly comfortable and soft, not a wrinkle either.

All the dresses also have pockets, which if you’re like me, is alone worth at least half the price (huge pockets, too, my small tablet-sized phone fits comfortably there).


Also worth mentioning – Catherine is the coolest and the nicest, seriously, ordering the customised Hamilton dress was perfect and she’s just the best. (Don’t take me at my word, give her a follow on one of her social media accounts and you’ll see for yourself.)

Also, there’s a small devoted community around the dresses already – I’ve met a number of people at SWCE wearing her Star Wars designs and we all just geeked out over the dresses, it was the greatest. Even had an impromptu dinner with one of the girls who walked up to me to ask if I was wearing ‘an Elhoffer’.

There’s more and more fantastic geeky dresses around (Her Universe reminds a fave, if only they shipped to Poland! *shakes fist*), but for perfectly fitting, customised pieces definitely check out Elhoffer Design.



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