Girl’s best friends

The best way to dress up an outfit is with the right accessories, and I have gone mad for geek jewellery. I started with a few pieces picked up on Etsy and a couple things bought at conventions, mostly at the hand-made stalls.

I got crafty, too, especially with earrings- I repurposed atwo Les Mis charm bracelets into a set, had a friend make me a couple of handpainted ones, and even tried my hand at a little DIY and made felt Batman earrings myself (I am terrible at arts and crafts).


Choosing the right jewellery is the easiest way to make an everyday outfit fandom-specific. Choose the right colors for the clothes and add a necklace evoking your character of choice and it all comes together. And the jewellery options range from vaguely inspired to screen-identical replicas.

(One of my earliest pieces of geek jewellery and merchandise was the Arwen Evenstar necklace replica I paid with four months of my pocket money.)


And while I still traverse Etsy, there are many other options – some of my jewellery comes from my monthly delivery of mystery boxes, from Loot For Her, through the Bookish Box, to the Owl Crate and occasional others.


The biggest part of my collection is, unsurprisingly, Star Wars related. While I can’t quite find them in Poland and international companies either don’t ship here or charge an arm and a leg for the postage, I did go a bit crazy on my last US trip and bought out the thinkgeek store in New York and every jewellery piece they had at the Star Wars Costumes exhibit – I have no regrets, though my wallet still cries a bit at night.


That trip yielded my absolute favourite piece, which is the Love and Madness opening crawl wrap bracelet. It’s a gorgeous piece containing the entire opening of A New Hope – it comes in three colour variants (mine is gold on black, though I’m lusting after the other two). You could feasibly wear it as a necklace or a belt as well, but it also pairs amazingly with my other fave piece: the ‘a long time ago’ ring.


(As you can see on the photo, my bracelet has a little flaw: two of the word blocks are upside down, but I love it for its quirks too ;)).

One thing I definitely need more of are rings, but I’m wary of shopping for them online: the ring sizes confuse me something awful, and I have three different rings in the same size and they definitely don’t fit the same – if I can’t try it on, I’m probably not gonna buy it.


(I would make an exception for this Millenium Falcon ring from Bioworld though, if I didn’t have it yet, because it’s just the best. I imagine this is what people call a statement piece, and also, I have a soft spot for a ring that looks like you could punch somebody’s lights out with. I feel like Han would approve.)

So, what are your favourite geek jewellery pieces? Did you make any yourself?


3 thoughts on “Girl’s best friends”

    1. That’s so cool (it’s probably my fave piece ever, ngl) – I shared the giveaway on twitter, it’s so great you’re doing this 🙂


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