The bags you’re looking for

The one question I have been asked again and again at this year’s Star Wars Celebration Europe was: ‘where did you get your bag’ – for all three days I’ve been sporting the BB-8 Loungefly Dome Bag – as a part of my disneybouding Poe ensemble on Saturday, and as an awesome accessory for all the other days.


Loungefly has been making bags for a while, and there’s a lot to choose from. The dome bag can be accompanied by a wallet and a coin bag, all styled like The Force Awakens’ everyone’s favourite droid.

The lining is done in a Star Wars marked fabric, and the dome bag has one zipped pocket inside. My main quibble is with the wallet: while it wille easily fit US currency, not all world’s bills can fit – wider notes might have some trouble.


There is quite a bit to choose from in the Star Wars line: one of my favourite things are the bags and purses made out of the vintage styled fabric – I picked up two coins/cosmetics purses a while back, though I am actually wary of carrying cosmetics in them as much as I’d like to – I worry something would spill and destroy them and they’re too pretty.


My main problem with the BB-8 dome bag is that it’s quite small – I have been using it to carry my camera around (it’s sturdy and protects the camera well), or as a showstopper accessory when I go out – but it won’t fit most of the things I carry around daily, like my laptop and tablet and kindle and… well, you get it. Fortunately, there’s a number of other styles to choose from, not to mention my newest fave, the Rey backpack:


While it may not fit my laptop, it definitely has room for tablet, a bottle of water in the lower compartment, and a number of other things, including a small side pocket perfect for a compact umbrella or a small bottle.

I still keep adding things to my Loungefly wishlist too, including the newest R2 tote and the floral logo crossbody bag – this could possibly even usurp my bag of holding as my first choice of a bag!

If you’re a Disney fan, Loungefly will definitely satisfy some cravings, check out this line-up! But I’m not even close to making my way through their Star Wars line, and that’s gonna take a while…


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