Get in, Loser, we’re going to Jakku

Hi! My name is Joanna and I have been a Star Wars obsessive and all-around geek for all my life, and for years I have despaired of finding decent geeky clothes.

In the recent years we’ve definitely seen the rise of cute, fashion-forward geeky clothes and jewellery, a definite improvement on the classic fandom t-shirts (not that I don’t love a good t-shirt).

Hoth Couture is a blog devoted to everyday cosplay and geek fashion, with a decidedly Star Wars-y bend, but open to all fandoms.

The goal of the site is to chronicle my ever-expanding fandom wardrobe and to share the news of cool, geeky items of ‘wearable’ cosplay – think of changing your smart casual into more of a Darth Casual!


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